“What manner of man is the prophet?” So begins Abraham Joshua Heschel’s tome titled The Prophets. A book, he states, that is “about some  of the most disturbing people who have ever lived.” Long overlooked due to their bizarre nature, this collection of books has the power to lend vision and inspiration for our faith, and how it is to be lived out by the people of God. An ambitious season of teaching, we will walk through all of the 12 books in 12 weeks of teaching. Our attention will be given to the theme of each.


About a Homer for Gomer – Michael Hidalgo

Bugs, Wrestlers & Faces – Bekah Stewart

Tov! – Michael Hidalgo

That’s Not How You Treat Family – Scott Oppliger

And Now for the 6th Act! – Michael Hidalgo

Walk This Way – Dave Neuhausel

This is Not Comforting – Michael Hidalgo

I’ve Heard of You – Jon Gettings

Rooftops, Stars, Clothing & Thresholds – Michael Hidalgo

Build My House – Michael Hidalgo

Remembering Rightly – Bekah Stewart

Burning Like a Furnace – Michael Hidalgo