It’s been said, “Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.” While that is often said with the wink of an eye, is it possible this is what has happened with the Gospels? We have spent several decades arguing about the gospels – seeking the prove or disprove Jesus, soaked in literary and historical criticism, defending and accusing how the Gospels were chosen … on and on. Yet, there is a story that all of us, as human beings are familiar with. It’s in the Ancient Epics and in the latest films. It’s the story that we intuitively know, one the early church understood too, and it is right there in front of us. During Lent we will reflect on the Four Fold Journey and observe how the Early Church read the Gospels – in doing so we will rediscover the power of the Gospels and how they inivte us to be formed. The Four Gospels show us … “We surrender, we struggle and endure, comprehension finally dawns, and then we gradually learn the practices that make our understanding or our discovery repeatable, consistent, and real—and then we bring our works and our words to each other.”