We are so glad you are interested in serving DCC as a member of our A/V team. More than simply making sure Sundays happen without any technical difficulties or distractions, our A/V volunteers facilitate and participate in creating an environment where our community can connect with God and with each other. Our efforts help to create a space of healing and connection, renewing our community to act as a healing presence in our city and beyond.

On our Sunday teams, volunteers run slides for worship and teaching, mix audio for our musicians and teaching pastors, and facilitate video and audio needs for our online livestream. It’s a fun, team-based environment with plenty of opportunities for learning and developing new skills, or for putting long standing talents into service. Serving on our Sunday A/V teams asks a commitment to serve once a month.

Outside of Sunday mornings, our Film Team is a group of volunteers with interest or experience in storytelling, where we pool our talents to create video pieces that serve both our community and our ministry partners, as we seek to tell stories that shine a light on those that we serve. These pieces seek to put human stories at the forefront, engaging our community with those that we serve by distilling big ideas into personal encounters, so that we may see Christ in the people and ministries that we partner with. If you have experience with videography, editing, lighting, audio, any type of video production, or if you just want to learn and meet some new people, this may be the team for you! Our Film Team functions on a project by project basis, so many volunteers hop in and out of roles as their availability allows.

How do I get involved with the A/V Team?

Please reach out to us by emailing worship@denverchurch.org and Dan Cummings our Worship and Tech Pastor will be in touch.  We also have some training videos below to help you get acquainted with the different roles available.



Broadcast Mixer


Camera Operator

Broadcast Manager