Through music, Scripture, practices and liturgy we hope to facilitate a space for healing, rest, and encountering our Creator’s heart so that we may become a healing presence in our world.

Video Audition Submission – We have this step because we want to make sure we set you up for success.  This step helps us know where you are and gives us the opportunity to give feedback and if you are ready, place you on a team where you will thrive.

Audition Follow up – We try to create a space where everyone is comfortable with both positive and constructive feedback.  As such, we follow up all audition submissions with positive and constructive feedback.  We all have places we can grow, and we hope to establish that dynamic right away.

Moving forward – If you are invited onto the team, we will follow up with a chance to meet in person.  Here we hope to get to know you more, give you more information about what you can expect and make sure any questions you have are answered.

Final Step – The last step in this process is setting you up in Planning Center Online (PCO).  This is the web and app based platform we use to schedule, communicate and resource teams each week.  From there we begin to include you on our quarterly schedules

Submit a video of yourself playing/singing one of the songs below, as well as a song of your choice.  If you are a vocalist, please show examples of you on both harmony and melody.  This can be done on a smartphone and can be sung a cappella, accompanied by an instrument, or along with the mp3, instrumentalists should play along with the mp3.  If you do not have access to the instrument you want to audition on, you can reach out to and we can help make different arrangements.

    • Great Are You Lord (All Sons and Daughters)
    • Reckless Love (Cody Carnes)
    • Heaven is Here Now (Gary Rea)
    • Give Us Your Heart (Melanie Tierce)

Fill out the Audition Application Form and upload your audition video HERE.

Once we receive these items, we will get back to you with feedback and next steps

Planning Center Online (PCO) is how we schedule, resource and communicate to you.  Once your profile is created you will have access to schedule requests and resources. 

Please find some helpful links below that should give you all the information you need to be familiar with this platform.


Keys Workshop

Guitar Players: Helix Basics