When we talk about giving, we are talking about living a life of holistic generosity.  This includes giving and living open handed with your time, talent, and finances.  There are many ways to invest generously in the life of our community and beyond, and we’ve provided some resources to find greater understanding HERE.

One way to live generously with your finances is to donate to DCC.  Your financial giving supports all of our ministries as well as local and international partners through Project Renew. Take a look at our impact stories below and make a gift today.



Give quickly and securely through our online PushPay platform here.


Give simply by texting “Denver Church” to 77977 from your phone.


Place your gift in an envelope and mail it to: 1595 N. Pearl St., Denver, CO 80203


Give creatively through Stock donations or Real Estate. Contact our Finance Team to learn more.


Give & Receive Help

Good Neighbor Grant



We believe we are called to be good stewards of the gifts we have been given.  Because of this we are strategic in how we choose what to spend our money on as well as our Finance Deacons who work closely with our administrative staff to responsibly budget and allocate all of DCC finances into the following areas.


Cost of Uptown = $141,917

When we think about how the gifts of our community impact our different ministry areas,  we are drawn to the relationships made possible by having our buildings to meet in every week. We are able to afford to be in these amazing spaces that so many people call home now; so many of whom our staff are able to call friends and family!

Support Facilities & Other Ministries


Ministry Area Budget = $3,610
Total Budget = $79,280

Because of your generosity, DCC has the privilege of supporting and volunteering with 44 different individuals and organizations through our Serve Denver and Serve Global teams. These partners have a passion to see the Kingdom brought to hard places in our city and world, which is all made possible because of you.

Support Missions & Other Ministries


Ministry Area Budget = $6,988
Total Budget = $116,068

Through your generosity, our Adult Ministries allows us to provide groups across the Denver Metro area to learn and study, grow closer to God, share life, and care for our neighbors. Your support allows us to live out our mission of living as a community who follows Jesus, journeys together, and demonstrates God’s love to all people.

Support Adults & Other Ministries


Ministry Area Budget = $10,000
Total Budget = $114,693

The generosity of our community makes everything that INC does possible. We have an amazing place to invite and welcome ALL teenagers – a place they can be safe and known and cared for. We are also able to build and care for an amazing team of 18 Leaders that give of their time and energy to journey with our students each week. 

Support INC & Other Ministries


Ministry Area Budget = $20,470
Total Budget = $167,123

Each week, DCC Kids welcomes nearly 200 children ages 0 – 5th grade into the classrooms. When you give to DCC, a part of your money goes towards this ministry to help us keep our classroom environments safe with the right furniture and toys; provide supplies to help us teach kids about God in fun and creative ways; and allows us to train and equip our volunteers.

Support DCC Kids & Other Ministries


Ministry Area Budget = $16,440
Total Budget = $151,715

As we come to the end of our fiscal year, we want to remind you that your generosity allows us to build our Worship Team. This team focuses on creating a welcoming space that fosters connection with one another and the Divine. Without your generosity we would not be able to do what we do through music, liturgy, prayer, and communion.

Support Worship & Other Ministries

View our March 2024 Financial Update here.

2023 Year-End Report

2022 Year-End Report

Please contact finance@denverchurch.org with any questions or for additional information.