As DCC Hospitality, we know people coming through our doors have been wounded by unhealthy religion. They often enter skeptical, guarded, and unwilling to risk involvement with the church community. This disconnection and mistrust can lead to a rejection of potential healing opportunities. Because hospitality volunteers and staff are often the first point of contact, it is vital we foster an environment that is safe, welcoming, and inclusive. Creating this environment invites people to show up authentically, reengage exploring their faith and actively participate in the life of our community.

On Sunday mornings, our volunteer team covers several areas, including preparing coffee, serving communion, greeting, washing mugs, and overseeing the safety of our building and community. These volunteers serve monthly, and generally rotate through roles depending on what the needs are each week.

During other events, volunteers show up to help set up/break down spaces, serve food, and help with whatever other needs arise in between. These volunteers serve generally a few times a year, whenever there is an event that needs behind the scenes help.

To be connected with the hospitality team, please contact Avery Becklenberg.