As DCC Kids, we invite every parent and child to embrace curiosity and chase wonder so they will discover their identity as beloved children of God.

On Sunday mornings, we create an environment for fun and celebration that kids love in order to foster relationships with volunteers and each other. We introduce biblical concepts, just for kids. This means a large group teaching with plenty of  comedy and drama, upbeat musical worship, hands-on learning and small group conversation with kid-centric language. We also send parents and kids home with resources to dive deeper as a family into a relationship with our loving God.

Our prayer is that kids walk away feeling so loved by Christ and our volunteers, whether they are fresh babies or tweens. Christ loves us indefinitely and we hope to pass that along to all kids who walk (or crawl) through the doors of DCC Kids.

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Our goal is to provide fun, safe, and age appropriate activities and content that will help teach all children (infants – 5th grade) the values and practices of DCC.

NURSERY (0 – 24 months) 

For our smallest DCC Kiddos, our volunteers provide loving care and attention so that parents can engage the adult teaching with peace of mind. Our time with babies and toddlers is spent playing, singing songs and making friends. Please feel free to share any details about feeding, sleeping and diapering that would make this a success for your little one. Mothers are also welcome to use this room to nurse if needed.

2 & 3 YEAR – OLDS

In these rooms, kids begin to learn and practice God’s word through curriculum. This typically includes stories, circle time, games, songs, sensory play memory verse, and prayer.

4 & 5  YEAR – OLDS

In this room kids begin to learn more about the story of the Bible and how they are invited to play a part through their unique story. They are also learning how to put biblical truths into practice in their own lives. This class includes a time of musical worship, small groups, and Christ-centered activities.


In this class kids will continue learning about the good, big story of the Bible and how they are invited to play a part. This class dives deeper into scripture studying biblical truths and putting them into practice. Through large group teaching, musical worship and small groups, the kids are introduced to many different avenues of learning

4th – 5th GRADE

At this age kids are ready to be challenged by deeper conversation. We continue to engage in musical worship, small groups, and Christ-centered activities, and begin to help these kids learn how to be young leaders and begin to make faith their own.


Nursery room (0-24 mos)       1:5
2s&3s                                           1:6
4-5 Yr. Olds                                1:6
K-5th                                            1:8

Psalm 127 tells us that children are a gift from God. Therefore, we have an awesome responsibility to love them, care for them and teach them. As parents who are seeking to follow Jesus, you have the great privilege and responsibility to model what it means to live in the ways of Jesus. More than anyone else, your children will watch you as they seek to follow Jesus themselves. 

Our vision at DCC Kids is to equip you with enough resources to engage with your children in between Sundays and instill the truths from the Bible stories they hear in the classroom.


“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, love your neighbor as yourself.” ~ Luke 10:27

Our priority is to make sure we create a safe environment for all of our volunteers and kids. In order to do this, we have set in place the following policies and procedures.


All volunteers must go through a background check and approval process before being allowed to serve in each of our classrooms.


Make sure your child has gone through the official check-in process with our Check-In team located in the landing inside the DCC Kids entrance at Uptown. Families will receive two ID tags for each child with a corresponding family ID number.  If you do not have your ID tag or an orange volunteer lanyard, you may not be allowed access to the DCC Kids areas.


Volunteers will never go into the bathroom alone with your child. If your child need help, two adults will assist your child.


Please communicate any allergies your child may have to the volunteers working with your child.


If your child is having trouble following the guidelines that have been put in place, the volunteers will first try directing the child’s behavior. If that doesn’t work, the children’s pastor will be contacted so that they can handle the situation apart from your child’s small group.


We ask that a child be fever free for at least 24 hours before entering the environments.


First aid kids are readily available to our volunteers and placed throughout the children’s ministry environments.


All volunteers have been trained on our church  emergency evacuation plan. There is a map on the wall by the door of each classroom with the emergency exit route, along with a red bag containing everything volunteers will need to execute the emergency evacuation plan and lead the children to safety.


Should your child get lost after he or she has been dropped off, the environment will be shut down and no one will be allowed to enter or exit until your child has been found.


Volunteers are trained to wear gloves and sanitize the training area. Other adults are around during the process and will let you know that your child has been changed. If you prefer to change a diaper yourself, please communicate this to the volunteers in your classroom and they will page you as needed.


We wipe down each toy with antibacterial wipes and let them air dry after all of the children have left.

We believe that living in community allows us to journey together and demonstrate God’s love to all people. There are many ways for our families to get connected and feel a part of the DCC community.


We have many family-friendly groups which are a great place to begin building connections through community.


God calls us to join together, each using our unique gifts to create one body. If you are gifted and passionate about serving families and teaching children we would love to connect you to the children’s ministry.

  • Sunday Morning Room Volunteers
    • Early Childhood Volunteers (Infants, Todders, 2’s & 3’s)
    • Small Group Leaders (Preschool/Kindergarten & Elementary)
    • Check-In Team
    • Special Needs Team
    • Fill-In Team
  • Other Volunteer Options
    • Curriculum Development
    • New Families
    • Family Groups
    • Events
    • Classroom Design

Contact Maggie to find out more about these opportunities.

We also have many service opportunities for families to build better connections to your community here at DCC and in the city of Denver.


MOPs (Mothers of Pre-schoolers)


Welcome! We are a community of moms of young children. We believe the purpose of MOPS is to foster deep, genuine, loving connections between mothers. We want this group to be a place where moms feel seen, encouraged, and valued as whole beings. Our group will be known for joy, support, and spiritual acceptance. Come as you are.

We meet in the DCC ballroom twice a month in addition to a variety of playdates/moms night outs/family events throughout the year.

  • FRIDAY MORNINGS – 9:30-11:45 AM – twice per month starting 9/15


Email for more info.


We love to keep our families up-to-date on what’s happening in DCC Kids. Join our listserv to get information on upcoming events, monthly curriculum, and other ideas on how to demonstrate God’s love to your kids and the community.

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