Throughout our history, those that make up Denver Community Church have determined to live in the ways of Jesus.  We feel that committing ourselves to one another and the Mission/Vision God has given DCC is an important step in doing this.  This commitment to following Jesus, journeying together, and demonstrating God’s love is only possible with the invitation and challenge of community!  Being a part of DCC’s Ministry Team, which is Membership, is a way to commit to one another in this way!

If you consider DCC your home faith community and desire to commit yourself here, then we would love for you to consider becoming a part of our Ministry Team.  The next step is for you to attend one of our Discovering Ministry Team gatherings.  You will hear these communicated from the platform on a Sunday.

In order to prepare yourself for the Discovering Ministry Team time, please review the following:

During Discovering Ministry Team you will be invited to sign a Covenant

In the Ancient Near East people would literally cut a covenant. They would spill the blood of an animal as the seal of the agreement. In essence saying, “If I do not hold up my end of this promise, may I be as this animal.” In every covenant that was cut both parties had responsibility and a promise of benefit. These relationships were more than a contract in which two parties “sign on the dotted line.” To be in a covenant signified a special relationship.

Throughout Scriptures we see that God entered into a covenant relationship with many. God made a covenant with Noah (Genesis 9), with Abraham (Genesis 15), with the nation of Israel (Exodus 19, 20), with King David (2 Samuel 7), and through Jesus with all of humanity. All those who are a part of the Church are a part of this new covenant relationship with God. At DCC we use the term covenant to speak of a special relationship, a common bond, that we can enter into together. 

Ministry Team = Membership

We use the term Ministry Team for Membership simply because we believe that we are all ministers of the gospel. We do not determine who is “in ministry” by who gets a paycheck from a church and who does not. We recognize that we are all called to do the work of the church, and are therefore all ministers 

Why Ministry Team?

Ministry Team is a simple way to formalize your commitment here at DCC.  It is a formal way for us to say that we commit to living out the practices, open ourselves up to accountability with others, and to claim responsibility for the work of the church in our city and our world.

What You Are Signing Up For

A Ministry Team Member agrees with:

Apostle’s Creed


If you are a part of our Ministry Team, our desire is for you to be involved in community, serving on a Sunday, serving outside of the walls of DCC, and giving financially.  We understand you may not be able to engage all of these at once for different reasons, but it is important to be involved in the life of our community to be a part of our Ministry Team.  In addition, you are expected to attend our annual Ministry Team Gathering the last Sunday of January, nominate Elders as you are lead each Fall, engage in dialogue with the Elders and Staff as requested, and pray for our community!

If you have any questions, please contact  Jon Gettings, Executive Pastor

Upcoming Discovering Ministry Team Dates:

  • June 11  – 6pm – 7pm | register here
  • July 7 – 11:30am – 12:30pm | register here
  • July 14  – 11:30am – 12:30pm | register here

Email Jon for more information.