An eight-week Bible Survey. We will study one book per week starting with Genesis, hitting the high points and zooming in now and then to see a principle or topic of interest. The whole session will end with the book of Ruth. At that time we will assess if everyone liked the format and wants to continue.
We will meet physically in two locations: one in Lakewood and the other one in Parker, with an option to Zoom in if needed.
After this eight-week session, we will have a BBQ at the Parker location to gather all in one place and enjoy each other’s company, and to discuss whether the set up worked and if we want to continue with it. We will also determine if we liked the study and want to continue going starting with 1 Samuel, or try something different.

WHERE: In-Person (virtual option if preferred)

WHEN: Wednesdays, 6:30pm

REGISTER: Contact GROUP LEADER to sign up