WHAT: We are a group for families of any kind who want to build relationships and have authentic conversations about what it means to be on the difficult and messy road of parenting as followers of Jesus. While we may sometimes choose to study a text together, the primary focus is on fellowship and conversation. We also will be doing family service projects periodically. We are open to families of all types, regardless of sexual orientation, marital status, race, ability, immigration status, age, and biological/adoptive/foster status. Everyone is welcome, wherever you are in your faith journey.
WHERE: We are flexible, but ideally, right after church on Sundays, for a meal—either at a nearby restaurant or outside, weather permitting.
WHEN: TBD, Group Begins in January 2024
KID-FRIENDLY: Yes! One of the main reasons we are starting this is to fill a gap for parents who want to belong but don’t know how to incorporate their kids’ needs.
CONTACT: Group Leader Here