A central value of DCC has always been to demonstrate God’s love through community work by advocating for those in need, giving generously, and mobilizing compassionate action here in our city and around the world. We previously did this work through Serve Denver and Serve Global. Because we know this work expands beyond DCC and we wanted to invite more people outside of our faith community – who may not be a part of a church – to join us in this vital work. That is why we launched Project Renew earlier this year: To invite more people beyond DCC into the transformative work of learning and service and to expand our generosity. The DCC leadership believed we could do this best by refreshing our identity and structure through the creation of Project Renew.

Our efforts are focused around three primary values: Radical generosity, transformative learning, and creative service.

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Radical Generosity is at the heart of Denver Community Church and as a foundation, Project Renew continues to support ministry partners locally and internationally. 20% of every dollar that you give to DCC goes to Project Renew and then to support our partners.


Transformative learning is all about proximity and perspective. We seek educate others toward some of the most pressing needs of our community by immersing ourselves within the realities of difficult social issues.


Creative Service activates the potential of our community to serve those who are most vulnerable.