Since we announced our move toward one location we have taken steps to spend time with our staff to understand their needs and perspectives, listen to our Ministry Team, explore all the options available to us with regard to buildings, and understand what work would have to be done at Wash Park and Uptown for them to serve our needs. After this time of listening and learning, our Elder and Lead teams took a full month to pray and listen to where they felt the Spirit leading us. As they came back together in August, each member shared a common sense that we are being led to sell both of our current facilities and move together toward a new building that we will call home.

In this, we share a collective sadness and excitement. Sadness, because our current facilities have meant so much to many of us and to many of you. Excitement because of how the Spirit brought our hearts together in unity. This gives us great confidence for the days ahead.

Recently, we were approached by a local church about purchasing our Wash Park building and we are currently under contract with the sale of the facility. We were thrilled to know that this building would continue to serve a local faith community and not be turned into housing.

As a way of honoring the legacy of our Wash Park Building, we plan to hold a final Gathering there on the evening of Sunday, September 26, 2021 at 6pm. We will come together to celebrate, remember and grieve our moving from this building. We’d love for you to join us!


When: September 26, 2021 at 6pm (the building will open at 5pm) 

Where: 1101 S. Washington St., Denver, CO 80210

What to bring: Something that symbolized your love/memories of DCC Wash Park. Whether a photo, an image a letter, colorful cloths – something that points toward what this building has meant to you.

Registration for Childcare: Childcare is available for kids 0-5years. Please register to save a spot here.