As DCC Worship, we know our community walks into our doors from a world that inundates us with input from the time we wake to the time we close our eyes.  This can lead to weariness, numbness and disconnection from each other and from God.  We seek to create a consistent space of worship that is not another source of input to be consumed, but an invitation into a posture of humility and rest, turning down the volume so that we may encounter the voice of the Divine speaking into the deep spaces in us that are so often covered up by a culture of noise screaming for our attention.  Through music, Scripture, practices and liturgy we hope to facilitate a space for healing, rest, and encountering our Creator’s heart so that we may become a healing presence in our world.

We are looking for people from this faith community who are interested in partnering with us to serve our community in leading worship.  If you are a musician or vocalist and interested in getting involved on our worship teams, we have provided all the information you need to audition.