As INC Student Ministries, we know that adolescence is a formative and influential time for teenagers to develop their faith. This is why we create space, in community, for all teenagers to discover their Identity as beloved children of the Divine and experience the life changing realities of following Jesus.  By equipping parents as essential spiritual influences and providing intergenerational discipleship, we invite students to be participants in their faith journey and a healing presence in our world.


INC is a place where Jr. High and High School students can engage what it looks like to develop their own faith, views on God, and understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We do this through our scheduled events on Sundays and Wednesdays with the help of our incredible volunteer staff. Our INC Leaders give of their time to be available to mentor and disciple our students. We believe walking through life with students is the best way to help them figure out what it looks like to live like Jesus. Through the process of Discipleship, we hope to lead students towards Christ, while helping them through some of the unique difficulties and challenges that come with being in Jr. High and High School.


INC is a place where students can come together in Community with their peers and our leaders in a faith-based setting. INC is a place that exists for students and is a place they can call their own. INC also exists as a gateway to connect our students to the Body of Christ. Our Sunday morning gathering is designed as a crossover time of connection for our students and the larger-scale community of DCC. As such, INC does not offer an alternative to the Sunday Worship Services at DCC but encourages our students to sit together during the 10am service. In addition, INC actively searches for ways for our students to serve one another, DCC and the greater community that is our neighborhood, the city of Denver and the world.

If you have questions or would like more information, reach out to Nick.

Sundays INC

We invite all of our students to join us on Sunday mornings as we sit together and listen to the teaching. You can find us near the stage on Sunday mornings.

Wednesdays INC

INC meets each Wednesday night from 7-9pm in the ballroom. Students will interact in a large group format for a time of connection and games before breaking off into Small Groups for content.